Demystifying Ocean Freight Visibility: The quest for high-fidelity data in North America

October 12, 2022

Supply chain


The current ocean transportation market in North America continues to experience disruption, inconsistent performance and historical highs in freight rates. The result is predictable: shippers are demanding more accurate, timely and granular visibility of their freight.

It is clear that even though ocean transport data has been publicly and widely available for years, this data doesn’t meet the needs of shippers and their partners in the new shipping environment. The old model of manually capturing various data points each day and cobbling together an incomplete picture of ocean moves no longer functions. Meaningful change in how data is captured, when it is received and how it is used is required.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Exploring visibility provider data buckets
  • The various ways to source ocean freight data
  • Tactical and strategic ocean visibility considerations
  • Why connectivity doesn’t always equate to reliable, quality data
  • How to best leverage this data